How do I get a part… considering?

This will probably not be entirely PC as an article, since I want to address a potentially touchy topic. Just read on, I might still have something useful to say.

I was reading an article in a completely different genre and imagined a similar question being posed to me. Something like:

I’m a typical white actor, and I really want to do audio drama, but it seems like all the roles right now are being aimed at BIPOC, or LGBTQ+, and they don’t want to hear me do my vast array of voices, they want authenticity. How, then, am I supposed to get a chance to act?

Rather than just say “wait for the right chance”, or the ever-popular “Be better” I have several suggestions (which do not involve anyone’s awkward impersonations).

  1. Keep an eye on anthologies. Any series that has a new cast for every episode is likely to have more auditions or casting calls.
  2. Network, meet producers. Join script groups and cold reads and actually communicate. Sometimes casting people remember your voice when they have something in mind.
  3. Try getting involved in other aspects of audio drama, like writing, producing, directing, marketing, or even sound editing? There is so much more to do in audio drama than just voicing, so why not become indispensable?
  4. Whine about how it used to be and how it was always ok for you to play people of other ethnicities, because after all it’s audio and it doesn’t matter what people look like, and never move forward and join the 21st century.

Whatever you decide, don’t expect anyone to just hand you roles, unless you are either very very good or dating the casting director.

The biggest takeaway from this is: Be kind, and be the kind of actor people want to work with again.

Ok, so yes, I am just taking out my frustrations with certain kinds of actors….. Thanks for listening!

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