Wassup – July 9

One more day to donate/vote for Lovecraft 5 versus Deadeye kid for September!

Bumping Scream Queen again to work on Fatal Girl 4 – sorry folks, but the Fatal Girl stories are beating at the inside of my brain, demanding to come out.  Everything WILL be done eventually.  It will help once I get all my programs back, and get up to speed on the new computer, and maybe even get my helpers up and running.

Also, this weekend, I might just take a stab at Jay Smith’s writing challenge – one of my fellow writers on Facebook is setting himself the insane goal of 80,000 words over one weekend.  I might just try and beat him.  Again – the Fatal Girl characters are very noisy and won’t shut up until I get them on paper.

Will keep everyone posted.

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Due to the computer errors, I think I lost a couple of voices (and the list of who they were), and I don’t have any way to post cast lists at the moment. So if you hear something you think you recorded and it’s someone else’s voice, many apologies from me – email me, and I’ll definitely find you another fun role.

I’m also moving slowly through editing, since I keep coming across stuff I’m missing, and while I did back up most of the old computer, it’s in weird random chunks and duplications, so finding everything takes time.  Sigh

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website updates!

Regarding 19 Nocturne Boulevard.com – due to computer issues, the main bulk of my website will be static for a while.  To get back there, to see old posts and cast lists and stuff, click here.

Until I get everything sorted out, This will be the main interface for announcements, updates, etc.  Or you can always drop in to the 19 Nocturne forum at Audio Drama Talk or like us on Facebook

I (Julie) am very much still here, and very much still working madly away.

Okay – watch this space for 19 Nocturne Boulevard updates!!


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Episode commentaries

I produced a series of opening comments, talking about various behind the scenes details about each episode.
Originally played over on M Audio – Posting them here now.1_Walls of Eryx
2_making book
3_where are you now
4_Thrice Tolled

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Pics for my upcoming new mini series.

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julie’s goofy demo reel

I actually did this for a contest, but what the hey, it works.JulieH_Demo reel

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Some art…

This is manipulated clipart from a lovely collection. I am working on original drawings, as well.
Art for my new mini series, coming out this summer.

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Set Piece – Director’s Commentary

19Noc_Set Piece1_director_commentary

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Baby Dali

From the next episode…
[after a bit more tweaking, anyway]
Now I just have to make a music video for it.

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