episode 2 opening

ep2_opening credits

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Dunwich Hype BEGINS!

This is my sneaky promo for my upcoming (in just over a week) dramatization of Lovecraft’s The Dunwich Horror.

This is the opening credits for episode 1. The text will change for each of the 4 episodes, so it won’t get boring or anything…
Will love to have comments on Facebook or audiodramatalk!!! (or in email!)
Dunwich_opening credits_ep1

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PromEvil is complete!

And October was busy busy busy for Julie to complete the four-part audio movie


Download links for all four parts:

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

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the rest of the old episodes!

And now it is complete…

19Noc_For Arts Sake

19Noc_Hanging at Pickens Rock


19Noc_Lonely at the Top


19Noc_Questions in a Dark Room

19Noc_Xmas trilogy

and our infamous 911_19Noc promo

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Yet more back episodes

And a few more…

[right click and save as to download]

19Noc_Exit Strategy

19Noc_Deadeye Kid

19Noc_Cultists Stole My Baby

19Noc_Crumping the Devil

19Noc_Crimson Shadow

19Noc_Canterville Ghost

19Noc_BnB_Cry Wolf

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more back episodes

Continuing my pursuit of a better way to maintain all my back episodes….



19Noc_the Temple

19Noc_Thrice Tolled Bell

19Noc_Where are you now

19Noc_Within the Walls of Eryx

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Uploading back episodes

I’m putting all the back episodes of 19 Nocturne Boulevard up on this site, since it is much easier to load them here than on my website…. I’ll update all the individual links as i get the episodes uploaded….
(right click on the link and save as to get the episodes)

19Noc_Heir Aberrant

19Noc_Sword Kvetch

19Noc_Seventh Key

19Noc_Saki Quartette

19Noc_Murder Ward

19Noc_Making Book

19Noc_Jack_in the Box

19Noc_Hallows Eve


19Noc_short_Yew Will Know Me

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Now playing – DraculaDotCom!

draculadotcom cover art

[catch the podcast!]
An irreverent re-imagining of the classic Stoker tale, as relayed in emails and other electronic media.

Music by Jamick

Opening theme by Kevin MacLeod

Cover art by Brett Coulstock

For 19 Nocturne Boulevard back episodes and upcoming info, check our website!

We also have a forum at http://www.audodramatalk.com

We love comments!  Leave them here, or in the forum!

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Drawer 23 – Now Playing

19nb_drawer23Now playing at our podcast site.

Tim expected to see corpses, working the graveyard shift in the morgue, but never ones that might talk.

Cover by Brett Coulstock

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