The Omnibus Infinitum – how to join

The Infinite Omnibus/Omnibus Infinitum is looking for material.

The idea is to take super short tracks and promotional spots for any shows that want some publicity and put them together into a longer work that people can download in a single shot and enjoy. It will also provide a stage for shows that otherwise have little or no podcast-relevent access.

It will be a monthly conglomeration of works of many different producers, like a buffet table of audio drama, sampling this and showcasing that, and going out under the eye of the @A_D_Infinitum twitter feed. While the focus will remain on audio drama, any kind of fiction may be represented.

OmnInf is looking for:

  • Super short pieces (1-4 minutes) (including demos, previews, trailers, fake ads, etc.)
  • Moderately short pieces (5-9 minutes) (episodes, reviews, extras, etc.)
  • Individual shows from producers without a feed of any kind (10-20min) (I may also consider shows who only have access on youtube or other non-RSS sources)


First – follow these guidelines carefully. Pieces that are missing elements will be discarded.

  1. Add an opening of 20 seconds or less that states “the following is [title] produced by [company] who can be found at [website], and take full responsibility for the content thereof.”
    1. You may include music under the opening. I may include music under the opening. But the opening must be part of the track you submit.
  2. Send a WAV or good quality MP3 (128 kpbs, 44100Hz) to (if using google, you must supply permission to “”). Include in the email the following information:
    1. company name
    2. associated show/series (if any)
    3. Note if this is (a) standalone scene/piece, (b) promotional/trailer, (c) fake ad, (d) review or other.
    4. has this been previously published (we will republish, but first time stuff takes precedence)
    5. Is this recently-made or old? (again, will re-publish old material, when we have space)
    6. If you are a one-off producer or theater group (or anyone else who does not have your own feed), Give me any details about the show I will need to post (blurb, cast list, credits, etc.)

I will be assembling each month’s show from the 2-10th of the month and make it available on the 10th. I will not be checking the show email except during that time. Tracks that do not include the mandatory opening (above) will be erased and ignored.

Everything else will be assembled into a loose order, mainly according to length, and output as a single long show. Longer tracks will be at the end. The Omnibus audio logo will appear at the beginning and end of the full show, and may appear intermittently throughout.

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