The Unspeakable & Inhuman!

This is a show I was in a while back. It only made it to 9 episodes before real life intruded. But the 9 episodes are really funny!!!

These are re-posted with permission from Derek Fetters of Neohoodoo Studios.
[right click and “save as” to download]

Episode 1 UandI_1
Episode 2 UandI_2
Episode 3 UandI_3
Episode 4 UandI_4
Episode 5 UandI_5
Episode 6 UandI_6
Episode 7 UandI_7
Episode 8 UandI_8
Episode 9 UandI_9

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  1. […] Derek and Sam put together nine episodes of Unspeakable before, yeah, life got in the way. Those episodes are currently being hosted at 19 Nocturne Boulevard, a site that presents original adaptations of horror stories. Download and listen! […]

    • Actually, no – I’m not hosting it anywhere. I think I was going to, but I can’t find any pace I did. I burned out pretty badly myself a while back.

  2. […] Century my friend Derek Fetters produced a comedic take on the Cthulhu Mythos with the podcast The Unspeakable and the Inhuman. While he was working on the project, a mutual friend asked me to provide illustrations for the […]

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